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Japanese Country Textiles
What year is it when someone says this item is from Meiji year 37? Here is a listing of Japanese historical time periods and their corresponding years going from left to right. Each time period is named after current Emperor or Shogunate of the time.
Jomon 10,000 -200 B.C. Yayoi 200 B.C.-200 A.D. Kofun 200 A.D.-593 Asuka 593 -710
Nara 710 - 794 Heian 794 - 1185 Kamakura 1185 -1333 Maromachi 1333 -1573
Azuchi Momoyama 1573 -1603 Edo (Tokugawa) 1603-1868 Meiji 1868-1912 Taisho 1912-1926
Showa 1926-1989 Heisei 1989-today

So, for Meiji year 37, for example, you would start with 1868 and add 37 to come up with the year 1905. But, since the Edo era also ended in 1868, you have to subtract a year to get the correct year of 1904.

Click here to read more details on the historical significance of each of these periods.

Scenes of local Japan

In this section, we will present photographs taken in areas around where we live in N. Japan

Pictures of Country Japan

Ajisai Road End of May Old Farmhouse
Horse Festival

You see many of these beautiful images reflected in the country textiles as they were a part of the average person's daily life and reflect the traditional values of old Japan.

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